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Monetize your first-party data by joining Audiens Data Exchange

Unlock a new revenue stream

Numerous advertisers out there are looking for independent third party data in order to enrich their audience segments.

By joining our Data Exchange, you can seize this opportunity and start monetizing your data in a fully automated and privacy compliant way.

Full control over your data buyers

With maximum data buying transparency, you can retain full control over the use of your shared audience segments, with the possibility to decide which data buyers to allow or disallow.

Detailed revenue reporting dashboard

With our real-time web based dashboard, accurate performance reporting can be done with just few clicks of a button, without the need for manual data reconciliation or complicated excel spreadsheets.

  • Revenue by channels
    Useful breakdown of your data monetizationstreams per marketing channel
  • Revenue by advertiser
    Detailed sales performance insightsacross a list of approved advertisers

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