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Building an cross-device view

We combine cookie and device based tracking to identify unique users across different devices, in real time.

Thanks to our cross-device approach, you can finally get a holistic view of your audience behavior on multiple channels and identify key patterns and trends.

  • Cookies
    Cookie based tracking
    for web adveritising
  • Device IDs
    Device based tracking
    for in-app ads
Enrich your audience segments with 2nd and 3rd party data

Thanks to partnerships with premium data owners, Audiens allows you enrich your audience segments with useful demographic and behavioral information that would otherwise remain undiscovered.

Discover audience trends and opportunities

Audiens comes with a built-in set of affinity matching features that enable you to spot trends and opportunities among your audience segments more quickly.

Based on these additional insights, new audiences can be instantly validated and engaged in the right moment along their customer journey.

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