Powerful, yet simple
Customer Data Platform

Audience Builder

Transform raw data into marketer-friendly dimensions

Segment with drag-and-drop functionality

Build new audiences by integrating data from any 1st, 2nd and 3rd party sources.

Segment users in a drag-and-drop interface using any combination of attributes at scale.

Organize your audiences based on your targeting needs

As it is collected, your first-party data will automatically flow into hierarchies within the platform.

You can then use these hierarchies to create audience segments, selecting the specific demographics, interests and actions you want to target against.

Keep track of your audience size across all marketing platforms

We understand that consumer data is only good if it’s current. Audiens continuously collects data from all your sources (web, app, CRM).

As soon as a new data point is collected, Audiens will attribute it to the profile of a consumer, and transfer it to your active advertising channels.

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