Supercharged commerce with Bango

Bango is the payment platform chosen by the world’s most influential companies to grow their sales faster in the new age of connected commerce.

Grow customer spend by reaching over 5bn pay-capable customers

Bango enables customers worldwide to instantly pay by using their existing accounts with mobile operators, ISPs, cable companies and other service providers – no need to sign-up or enter long credit card numbers. Leverage these existing customer relationships to reach over 5 billion customers, all able to immediately pay.

Winning commerce platform for global stores to scale

Bango technology enables customers to pay for their products through online stores, such as Google Play and Microsoft Store. Amazon uses the Bango Platform to extend customer payment choice for retail goods and services in Japan, and to offer the Prime subscription services in multiple markets.


Bango with Audiens

Bango partners can choose to automatically load commerce data from the Bango Platform into Audiens to increase understanding of paying customers, grow sales and the effectiveness of related marketing campaigns. Link commerce data to customer segments from websites, apps, CRM and physical stores to grow engagement across all channels.

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