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Data accuracy with instant delivery

Audiens provides instant data delivery on millions of mobile phone users. Our system can easily handle billions of queries a day.

Audiens enables you to precisely target users based on Carriers data. Take advantage of the power and richness of Audiens to reach the right audience, with the right message, in the right context.

Ideal for Trade Desks, DSPs, Ad Servers, Ad Networks, AdExchanges, SSPs.

Mobile profiling made simple

Audiens creates a real-time, privacy compliant and completely secure data ecosystem linking network operators to data platforms.

Highest quality data for incisive mobile web and in-app targeting so you can rest assured you'll only reach your specific target audience.

Focus on your mobile audience: gender, age, residence, spending power and much more.


We work closely with the best in the industry

Audiens' comprehensive ID syncing network includes the leading ad tech partners for merketers to reach their target audiences across disparate platforms.

  • Increased coverage without compromising user experience and speed
  • A more seamless view of the customer across the web
  • The ability to operate as an integrated ecosystem

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