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Customer Data Platform as a Service

Collect, organize, activate and analyze your data with Audiens

Get to know your audience

Resolve all your data sources in one place and get a single customer view

Build new segments

Augment your audience with
2nd and 3rd party data

Improve performance

Activate your knowledge across main advertising platform

Onboard your data from multiple sources

Onboarding your first-party data from multiple sources to Audiens is quick and painless, thanks to our convenient and easy-to-setup integration options that require limited or no IT involvement

Capture data from your website

As customers interact with your website, the data they create provides a record of their unique stories: their interests, their intent, and their behaviours

Audiens allows you to map users based on their activities on your website. This includes clicks, form submissions, page views, conversions and more.

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Gather data from your apps

Our Mobile SDKs allow you to start capturing and segmenting your mobile user segments within hours. Integration is a breeze thanks to our well documented and easy to setup Mobile SDK for iOS & Android.

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Bringing offline data online

By importing your CRM data, which may already be well segmented by your CRM team, you open up opportunities to cross-sell, upsell or close sales with profitable segments you otherwise never could have reached only via digital advertising.

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Create new targets with Audience Builder

Driven by sophisticated audience modelling algorithm, our Audience Builder solution enables you to create complex, customized audience segments by combining a vast array of first, second and third party data.

These advanced modelling features allow our users to identify even the smallest audiences that were otherwise hard to discover, and to act upon this data by reengaging them across different digital channels.

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Powerful audience insights and analytics

Audiens comes with a powerful dashboard that provides bird’s eye view of collected data points and performance of your custom audience segments, enabling you to draw meaningful, data-driven decisions.

With our advanced affinity metrics, you can identify previously unnoticed correlations between your custom segments and third-party affinity data, allowing you get valuable insights about your audiences.

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Seamless integration with major digital marketing channels

Our platform allows for seamless push of your first-party data inventory and audience segments to major digital marketing channels, enabling you to maximize revenue and enhance ad performance.

The Trade Desk
Google Adwords
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Supercharged commerce with Bango

Audiens is powered by Bango, the leading mobile commerce platform. The Bango Platform is chosen by the global internet leaders to enable instant click-to-buy payments and to offer product bundles through a wide range of partner channels. Award-winning Bango technology applies unique data insights to help these app stores, developers and payment providers boost payment performance, acquire new customers and maximize the success of marketing programs.

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